We are a bunch of newbies in pygame.  So, our goal was to approach something simple for our first attempt.

Day 1:

We brainstormed the ideas we had, we came up with 4 individual games that will end up in 4 different levels, after passing those four levels our character "Pera" will be able to get away from the island

Day 2:

We started preparing the codes for our games. The character was selected and all the background image and music were ready. The controls were written in the code

Day 3:

The scoring system was fixed. And the game was thought how to put together

Day 4:

Bugs were fixed and start menu and end menu was added

Day 5:

We spent this day to go through each others' code and see if there was any bug left and then fixed it

Day 6:

The 4 games were synced together and we played the whole game to see whether it is user friendly

Day 7:

Necessary Instructions were added and finally submitted

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