Hey... progress!

Yesterday was the first day I could do some coding in the evening, and I made more progress than I had expected! It keeps amazing me how fast you can whip something together in Python. Maybe there is hope I'll have something playable by the deadline after all.

Of course, compared to alot of you guys who have working games already, progress may seem minor. ;-)

I put together a class based on pygame's Sprite that will manage loading my graphics and animating them using an animation state that I can set for each object. Animation states and how they should be shown are defined in a little text file that I create for each object.

I figure getting this groundwork laid will save me some time to get the actual game going. I like to work bottom-up by first making smart building blocks that I can then just piece together.

I also put together some graphics - not the best job ever but they will do.

Today I will try to breathe some life into these 'animated' but otherwise static objects and implement some game logic.