More help please!

This rectangle function won't work, why?

bt1 = pygame.rect(bx, by, 5, 5)

Help will be greatly appreciated.

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Doesn't matter, I worked it out.
Ok, now I have more problems:

collide = Rect.collidelistall(you_box, bt1)

I will greatly appreciate help!
Please, I need help!
ask on the IRC channel instead. :]
I don't seem to be able to get onto the irc channel.
you're error description's are very vague... it would be easier to talk to you. we at least need the "error messages" from the console-window to figure out what went wrong. one line of code most certainly is not enough
btw, its pygame.Rect. With a BIG R! :D
It can't open up the IRC: The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.
do you have an irc client?
If your on firefox, you can d/l the extension Chatzilla and get to the IRC that way
/connect /join pygame about your question, rect1.collidelistall(list_of_rects1) accept only one argument not 2 and return the index of the item in the list that collide, if you are having to much troubles try to make your question on irc, we are there to help.