Hello world

Someone just told me that they had trouble running the game. It may be because I wrote it in pygame 1.9 and they tried to run it in pygame 2.0.dev. The workaround was to remove sys.exit.

And apparently I should have posted a diary entry so people can reach me. So here it is

Apologies to anyone who failed to run my game, especially if you then tried to reach me and couldn't. I'll do better next time

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Installing PyGame 1.9 via "pip install -U 'pygame<2.0.0'" worked. This may be a PyGame bug.
I just tested this myself. In short, this currently only works in pygame 1.9. It does not work in pygame 2.0

Removing the sys.exit stops it from exiting as soon as you start it, but you still can't play the game in pygame 2.0

And thanks to @rdb for alerting me to this