Woops, nice save.

Wow so much for keeping a diary, huh. After day 3 I sorta got stressed out because I didn't have a game design document. I'm never doing that again. I thought, oh just a small little russian roulette game, no GDD should be fine but, of course, I had to make a character rig with facial animations. Rest assured the game is 90% completed, boasts 6 playable characters, has a definite ending, and there's still 30 hours left. All there's left is sound fx and a little explosion animation, but there wasn't enough time left to remember and write up what I was doing. Long story short: panda3d is a really amazing engine with awesome community and blender truly is the queen of 3d suites and python is the glue that holds everything together, my personally written python being more like drowning it in glue, but it works.