It Begins

So, it started and only by chance I actually remembered :p

Whatever I make will be rubbish. I use PHP a lot to make websites, but I don't use Python all that much. The sort of things needed to make websites is very different to making a game, so that'll help things ;) Also, I can't draw and I'm really busy. So if you'd just like to give me the lowest possible score, that'll be fine by me.

I've a few ideas for games. I see the theme is "6", and I'm hoping there isn't anything more to it than the number. I'm not really into modern pop culture so I hope it's not relating to to a film or telly program that I am oblivious to.

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Well, I uploaded what I did make. I was really busy with work, kids and more this week. Really I don't have any free time so I don't know why I bother :/ But still, I do enjoy doing things like this. Also I rarely use python, so I was hindered at every stop along the way.

If I do manage to make any improvements in the very short time remaining, I'll try and get them uploaded.