Woah, thanks!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed my entry!  I was quite surprised to see that it was rated so highly among the individual entries, despite the fact that the gameplay still needs quite some work.  There were many other really great entries that I expected to be rated higher.  It feels like quite a boost of confidence for me.

Congratulations to everyone who participated; I know that even completing a game can be quite a challenge in itself that deserves recognition.  I have really enjoyed participating in PyWeek, and in particular the amicable spirit in which people are encouraging and helping each other.  Many thanks to all participants for their involvement, and to @mauve in particular for managing the website.

The game feels as yet not quite complete, as the reviews have rightly pointed out; the mechanics need to be developed out more. Options to consider are allowing more generators to be built, or expanding the network complexity by introducing a distinction between high-voltage and low-voltage wires and allowing distribution stations to be built.  Lots to consider, but I don't know if I'll have the time to continue developing the game.  But I'll probably clean up my code at least before people notice what a terrible mess of hacks I've made. ;-)

I'm happy to see that this time, there were no complaints or issues with the use of Panda3D in my entry.  I guess it has come a long way since the days when it only supported Python 2 and could not yet be installed using pip.  It is encouraging since I think Panda3D is a fantastic tool for prototyping 3D games in Python within a short period of time.

I'm looking forward to the next PyWeek!

PS. As an anecdote, Let There Be Light was not even intended to be the final name for the game, as it no longer really reflects the gameplay very well; it was just a working title as I was thinking of incorporating light into the visual theming more.  But I only remembered that I still had to come up with a permanent title minutes before the deadline, and I did not manage to come up with a new title before the time ran out.  Oh well!