Issue with Evaporating Keneth [Running really slow]

Hey @couch your game seems to be running really slow.. the character is barely moving, i believe it has to do something with the way you are handling your render loop but i can't be sure. Would you happen to know how to get this sorted out?

im' running it on 

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This is happening to me too
I apologize but I don't have the hardware to experiment on other machines.
This is unfortunate, but maybe it's due to bad coding on my side.

Things that can maybe help:
1) if it's does to a problem of hardware acceleration: in line 172 of game/
"            self.screen = pygame.display.set_mode(r, pygame.HWSURFACE | pygame.DOUBLEBUF, bestdepth)"
can be replaced by something like:
"            self.screen = pygame.display.set_mode(r, pygame.DOUBLEBUF, bestdepth)"
2) reduce the number of "parts": in line 149 of game/
"        while len(<self.size:"
can be replaced by something like:
"        while len(<self.size/4:"
3) reduce the number of "drops": in line 235 of game/
"        if random.randint(0,10) == 0:"
can be replaced by something like:
"        if random.randint(0,100) == 0:"

Thank you for letting me know.
It is a bit late for that, but I think the solution is:
in line 239 of game/
remove (or comment):
        for l in dirty:
        if redraw: