First impression after the pyweek

It was a tough pyweek for me. I already knew I would have only limited time, but on top of that, I was a particularly busy week at work.
At first I wanted to experiment a bit in this pyweek, but due to the circumstance, I went for the quickest way and kept with the logic I already played with.
A lot of things I wanted to implement did not made it (no special boss battle, no special door-key-trap-lever logic, no nice background animation).
And I had to salvage stuffs from the last pyweek: the "cutscene" code is 90% from bing_the_robot, I apologize for that (it's still following the rule, as this code is public since 1 year).

The conclusion for me: either find a concept easier to do (for example, each level design took a lot of time, with a lot of testing), or just not compete if I cannot make enough time for it.

I'm looking forward to try the games, but there is a lot and I'm not sure I will have more time next two weeks (as I've postponed all my activities to focus on the pyweek). I hope to review the maximum, but I will still take the time to explore the game I review as thoroughly as possible (I guess few reviews of quality is better than plenty rushed reviews)