End? Of Day 2

Well, I spent a good chunk of time today on my entry, and it's a fun little toy - I'm enjoying playing with it. I'm not maintaining score yet, which is really all that I'll do to turn the toy into a game.

At the end, though, it'll still be something more to play around with than to "beat".

I went through the Py2EXE process and got an EXE that works on my local machines, and on "fydo"'s machine. It, however, does not work on "Cthulhu32"'s machine. I haven't begun to chase that down.

I uploaded it using the web page, which works fine. I also tried uploading it using the pyweek-upload script, and I got an odd error.

For good measure, I tried running on my mac, and it runs, but it looks really bad. Perhaps my antialiasing flags, perhaps something else, are causing what looks like z-fighting with the black background. Another thing to chase down when I get around to it.

I wrote an in-game editor mode to quickly crank out "asteroid belt" levels. I also made a tool to convert a drawing into a series of lines, which may turn out to be useful for my intro and level transitions.

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WOW. This rocks. If you can gameify it, you don't even need to do much more to have a competitive entry, at least at this point. Pretty fun, good concept, 5/5 from me. Something with the rendering makes it not playable on some computers though, with a completely black screen. Maybe related to the z fighting.
Just had a though - if you make it like golf, with a par, it would be perfect. You could even do alternating multiplayer hotseat for some extra fun. You might have already been thinking this, but if not, free idea from moi :)
Yeah, right now my two highest priorities are figuring out the rendering issues (so far, it seems like about a 50% chance of failing, given my friends' experiences) and adding the scoring.

Heh, yeah, the golf idea is certainly one I've considered. Once you see the full intro (assuming my fancy technology for that comes together), you'll see what I mean. Certainly the aim, power, "putt" phases are ripped off from many computer golf games. The scoring is on my schedule to do, and I think playing vs the AI or your buddies (hotseat) ought to be pretty easy to add in.

Thanks for checking it out!

this is FUN! playing this vs a friend in hotseat-mode would be awsome.
Simono: Cool, glad you enjoy it! I'm hopeful that some of the worst graphical issues have been addressed, which frees me up to work on adding fun features, like hotseat and AI play.

The problem, I think, that I was having (for anybody else trying to draw antialiased lines in OpenGL) was that I had enabled the depth buffer, but I wasn't using it. And, since I was using gluOrtho2D and drawing everything at z=0, I think I was actually z-fighting with the cleared depth buffer. Here's my new init() function:

def init():
    glClearColor(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)