Day 4 - Multiplayer is working!

Multiplayer is working! Pretty good for four days of work eh. Right now I have the accounts hard coded. If you pass "0" at the command line, it launches with one account, and connects to a hardcoded in-progress game on the server. If you pass "1" at the command line, it launches into that same game from a 2nd account. The server is the same as it was in the last update, we just can see the state changes from the client now. There are also a few client-side niceties - it won't let you grab any pieces if it's not your turn, and it won't let you drop a piece that's not yours.

Without those, the server would still prevent those because it follows the model. But it is more sensible for the user to see what they can and can't do.

Multiplayer video

Haha I thought I could get this far on the first couple days :P Half a week to implement an actual game now, that sounds doable. It won't be a good game...

Next technical step though is a menu screen to choose your account, create games, and join/resume games. I think for registering accounts I'm just going to pop up a webbrowser.