Project management day 1

So It's "flow". Cool theme! A brainstorming session with my friend on the themes earlier yielded a card game where the cards you play will flow around the board, affecting your opponent when they get on their side. We'll see if that sticks - the first few days are going to be very focused on the technical challenges.

I thought I should write down everything I hope to get done today. Until I have really ironed out my design, it wouldn't make much sense to plan further than that. You can check my last entry for the initial spec of what I hope to get done in a week. I have made an addition - I am going to implement an ai mode and a hotseat mode. This is because I'd like the game to still be easily playable if the server is gone, and to let players get a taste even if they can't find someone to play against. Also, it gives me a backup plan if I have trouble fitting in the online components. However I will develop everything so that it would work online even if I don't implement that component.

For today, roughly in order:
Create basic client - opens a window and displays game objects
Create basic game model - find the mvp and implement the model for that
Serialize model - make sure the model can be serilaized for networking
Render model in client - the display should match the model, and be able to update (rebuild itself?) when the model updates
User interface to modify model in memory - give players something (anything) they can do
Objects in model for multiple players - multiple player components, and player unable to mess with the other player's objects
Hotseat mode for basic game - switch current player when "end turn" is pressed
Define basic game mechanics - start designing the rest of the game by building on the mvp mechanics (no code for this)

That's 8 items, an hour each puts me to bed time, so hopefully they take a little less time than that. I think I will be pretty happy if I can at least get to the first user interface part though.