Rogue: Through The Veil, complete

Well, it's a last hour submission from me. I've being trying to chase down a segmentation fault bug. I think I've got it by isolating the calls to tcod, which uses C, and reducing the tcod functions I used.

So it's got everything I wanted when I set out to do this challenge. It's not complete, but it is what I hoped to achieve in a week. It has maps with different numbers of rooms, mazes and blocked passages/ hidden doors that have to be searched for. It has monsters that can drain hp, xp, armour and strength; lure the player; hide; and regen hp. It has wands, potions, scrolls, weapons, projectiles, armour and traps. Names of potions, scrolls and wands are obfuscated until identified, or used in the case of potions and scrolls. It has hunger, permadeath, and additional monster spawns every 80 moves or so.  The player regens hp, can level up with xp, and has a changeable level of strength, which can effect the outcome of combat.

I say it's not complete because I am still going to keep developing this game, there's additional features I'd like to add, such as rings, as well as playing with the transitions between the worlds. I'd also like to develop the monsters further, adding more specialist behaviours and perhaps changing some around.

Enjoy the game, but I wouldn't expect to win it. To get a feel for it you'll need to play it a few times, it's quite possible to play through a good number of levels without reaching the magic world. It's also possible to load the game, make just a couple of moves and walk into a trap throwing you there immediately. Magic world has better loot and harder monsters. To win the game, you'll probably need the loot from the magic world. Let me know how you do, if you find any bugs, what you think of it, and any ideas you have.

Rogue: Through The Veil, The End