Quiet day, it was sunny out!

Well, the weather has been delightful! But I didn't get as much done today. Thankfully, there's not much left to do!

Biggest chore of the day was generating mazes for such tiny rooms. In the end I gave up on all my ideas and borrowed from Mazify, which I found on GitHub. Besides that, I can now remove a room, replacing it with just a passage, so there's not always 9 rooms. Adds a bit of variety to the game play. I also found the levels were taking too long to play, which has many knock-on effects in terms of xp, monsters, and fun! So I've shrunk my maps down.

I've improved some of the interactions in the game, such as hunger messages now displaying in a pop-up. If I have time I'll do the same from traps as they're also easy to miss. Weapon enchantment now works better, and you can keep up with the weapon stats if you identify your weapon. Last thing I added was a shrinking FOV as you go down the dungeon, to make it a little more scary!

Not a big one today, I'm hoping to get some more time on it tomorrow. The deadline is looming!
Mazes and missing rooms