Day 3: Menus, Items, and better combat.

Okay, so today I began with the simple task of creating monsters for the magic world. With that out of the way I started on improving the melee combat system, balancing out strength and chance to hit. That led me into implementing levelling up when gaining experience and increasing HP. That then reminded me I need HP to regenerate, so I did that too.

With lots of those little jobs out of the way I made armours and weapons, not only did I need to make them, but I then had to incorporate them into the combat and levelling up. With these in the game I wanted to make an inventory screen, so I did. I made the function reusable too, so I automatically got a controls screen too. Bonus! It's starting to become a playable game now. You can wonder through the dungeons, fighting monsters, and getting better weapons and armour.

Finally I made the scrolls, I had no idea how to do these at first, but implementing the functions to put on armour and change the weapon being wielded gave me the interactions and framework to figure out how to do them. So I've got "most" of the scrolls done.

There's still lots to do, I need to implement the disguised names for scrolls, which will also apply to potions and wands, and I've still got some functions to add in. Not all the specialist monster behaviours are implemented yet either. Plus there's still the big decision to make on how we're going to transition between the normal and magical worlds. But there's some hope now that it will be achievable within the week!

Day3 Rogue: Through The Veil