ideas and implementation

I started this pyweek by looking at some artwork and generating potential ideas. I'm looking to stick with something super simple while learning something new.

I ended up with a ball, which requires little animation effects (extra work!) and may be the basis for a decent game. I've got some physics that seem to work, gravity, bouncing, and a bouncing sound.

My biggest issue now is extending the world. In the first game I created (evolution_of_evil), I made a single screen that could not move. It was a very simple world, with a few levels. The second game our team created (Nightmarotony), we used bigger worlds but the scrolling behavior was one central character being followed by a camera. It was not too difficult to implement.

This time, I would like to flip to new screens after reaching a certain place on the screen (off screen/near an edge). I want more control over what the world shows, when It cuts off, game stops for screen transitions, etc. This is not always easy.

Another issue is the creation of world maps. I prefer algorithmic creation of maps, or some type of pattern. Manually producing maps can be significant work.


Unicorn Markets on 2018/04/17 16:19 of Above-and-Below