Late, but still got it!

Hello my friends and welcome to Tuesday.  It may be late in pyweek time, but we are still early in our process, so I guess that makes us extra late!

We had a little brainstorming sesh tonight (The2ndSamurai only got back from vacation this weekend), and I think we really nailed it down!

It's going to be an adventure game, it's going to be off the wall, and it's going to involve mention of nudity.  Beyond that I can't just yet divulge the secret sauce, but I do have a moderate amount of code to write between now and [insert end of competition].

I'm stoked to be doing this again, and I firmly believe we really have something great in the works here!  So hang tight and don't forget your momma loves you!

peace and mild absurdity,


amne51ac on 2018/04/17 05:16 of To Worlds! An adventure like none other!