Day 2: There be monsters here!

Today the progress was slower than I had wanted. First I had to learn how the D&D combat system worked to inform my monster and player classes before coding a combat system.

But I've added the basic HUD GUI information system and the monsters for the normal world levels. I'm happy with the HUD, monsters movement, and melee combat is working. Tomorrow I need to make my magic monsters. There's still a few tweeks to do, I've added some dispositions to my monster behaviour through flags in the data, which need passing to the class when they're generated. Then I can take them into account in my movement/waking behaviours.  I also realised I need to implement the health regen, I can't test the later levels without dying!

I'm a bit worried some features that would be nice to include, such as projectiles and unique monster behaviours might not make it in within the week. There's a lot to do with making monsters, and then items in terms of deciding what they'll be!
Day2 Rogue: Through The Veil