Aha... Paperchase is born

After more chats with my kids, we've come up with a game concept and a plot...

"Paperchase" features a stick figure drawn on a piece of paper who comes to life and attempts to run away and escape. Unfortunately objects from the real world block the stick figure's bid for freedom in the paper world (hence the two worlds). Basically, it's a side scrolling chase/avoidance game. Your score is basically how far you get before you hit something. The further you get the more real objects start to block your escape in the paper world and the faster they appear / move.

The source code is on GitHub and I spent this afternoon starting from the PyGame Zero "move the alien" tutorial to creating an animated running stick figure. How did I animate the figure? Glad you asked, I took a pen and paper, photographed the images and tidied them up in GIMP. ;-)

Remember everything I'm trying to do should be possible for a bunch of kids / teacher in a classroom situation. In any case, here's a GIF of the output so far.

Running stick figure.

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This looks great.