And we're off...

Hmm... "Two Worlds" wasn't top of my list of great themes, but we are where we are.

Today will be spent thinking up ideas for the game in terms of what it's about, how it's played and its aims and objectives (from the players perspective).

I already have some ideas about how I want to write the game and what its "technical" and "educational" aims are:

* I'm using Dan Pope's amazing PyGame Zero and writing the code using the Mu editor.
* I aim to create a game that is simple enough that it could be used as a "template" or launch pad for teachers and beginner programmers who want to write their own games.
* The game is likely to be a single file.
* The game assets will be generated in as simple a manner as possible (i.e. something kids could easily copy).
* Post-PyWeek I'm going to write this all up into an educational resource.

But first, I need to settle on an idea for the game itself. Happiily, I'm the parent of three kids (16, 13, 10) and I'll be picking their brains over lunch about the theme of "two worlds" and some sort of name for the game. Once I have this, I'll point to a GitHub repository so people can follow how I'm getting on.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to the community aspects of this exercise: watching other games emerge, interacting with the other teams, and the ability to give awards. I think this week is going to be a LOT of fun.