Find your way out!

This is a maze game that you must find your way out of. In each maze there are two mini-games which require some skill. One is matching words and colors. If the word matches the color, click true, otherwise click false. The other game makes you put all the numbers in a sequence. They are both negative and positive forcing you to count up or down. The minigames are times.

The idea came from an ideation session with our team. The game seems like a very good tool for children ages 6-12 to match words with their meanings quickly, and to sort numbers from least to greatest quickly. the maze requires some thinking and memory to get through, especially at the higher levels. And remembering the four digit pin will require a little work while trying to find your way through a complex maze.

The levels get more difficult as the game goes on, so the game is progressively more challenging. There are 70 maps and they are semirandomly chosen so the game is different every time. The mini-games give you less time and have more questions to solve.

Good luck and have fun!

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The game seems to run fine after I realized it was  python 2 and had the following dependencies.