Crunch Time

I really kicked into gear the last couple days and implemented a ton of new features. I think I let the scope of the project run wild a little bit and it's not going to end up very polished. But hopefully it will be interesting or fun.

Mushroom people (mushlocks) have a whole life cycle where they gather food, eat, bring extra food back to their houses, fall asleep when tired, and morph into new mush-houses when two sleep adjacent to eachother on the same y plane. The houses spawn new mushlocks. 

As the fairy king you have a variety of powers to influence the world and guide the mushlocks. They include summoning rocks and rivers onto the world map, pushing mushlocks around with wind, and marking points of interest for them to check out.

A bunch of gems are scattered into the world. Mushlocks gather them up. Working on that more today.

Orcs are also scattered in the caves. They will go on rampages from time to time destroying your houses.

Today I'm going to frantically implement some tool creation and behaviours - spears and picks for fighting and mining respectively.