Well, this challenge's work will be a bit dirty...
Since I don't have much time, I want to keep the game as simple as possible, in order to have a game to present in the end.

It will be a shooter with some constraints that are determined by the ennemies, which are behind (almost) everything.

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Important note:

The game was coded for Python3

Here are 3 lines to change to make it works with Python2.7:

Line23 of ./thorpy/gamestools/ change nfull = math.ceil(life*self.n) to nfull = int(math.ceil(life*self.n))

Lines 0 of ./ and ./ add the line: from __future__ import division

I get a crash on OSX (Python2.7) after entering the name of the Hero.

< object at 0x10bb05490>

('Loaded', 'MikeKoenig2.wav', 'bullet')

('Loaded', 'SoundExplorer2.wav', 'nuke')

('Loaded', 'MikeKoenig3b.wav', 'rocket')

('Loaded', 'MikeKoenig4.wav', 'laser')

('Loaded', 'ljudman2.wav', 'explosion')

[<ship.Rail instance at 0x114be1ea8>, <ship.Hero instance at 0x114be1e18>]

python(51503,0x7fffc161d3c0) malloc: *** error for object 0x7fd63cf83180: pointer being freed was not allocated"

I can't seem to get past this error even though I made the modifications to get it to run on python2.7. 

I will try to test the game on OSX with Python 2.7. I have no idea where this error comes from...