Initial Journal Entry

I am pleased with the progress of my project.

I struggled with the theme initially, but I like what I came up with. The player will control fairies who can indirectly influence a subterranean mushroom kingdom. (They're behind everything!!) 

Basically I procedurally generate a cave map and populate it with some little mushroom dudes. Right now there are rivers and plant life grows based on the rivers. The mushrooms are all AI controlled and will mostly just do random walks. The player will be able to use different powers to make things happen in the simulation. The basic thing is plop down a shiny sparkle that will lure the mushroom boy onto it, thus influencing their movement.

I wasn't sure if I was being too ambitious for the week, and I haven't been working very hard so far. But I'm pretty pleased with the progress for two days. I have a basic cellular automata map generator. It finds an ok spot for the start of your village. Mushroom folk can get added to the level and can wander around now. Just need to start on the more advanced ai behaviours.

Eventually want to add in some antagonist orcs as well as more mushroom - terrain interactions.

I'm making the tiles myself, and they are very rudimentary, but hopefully reasonable.

Not sure how game-y it will end up. Might be a bit more of a toy than a game.