Screen shots

I have decided on the game idea, it will be a submarine saving the people under water. The only way is up for sending the rescued people to safety. Done some drawing and playing with alpha surfaces. Here is where i got so far.

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I dont' have much progress to show.. but i have completed the collision detection part of it. Trying to get hold of good art work, but could not find anything that matches my game. So started drawing the objects myself using gimp. I hope they look good :D
Forgot to mention.. i added the music loop too... thanks to one of the posts here i found the exact sound i wanted to put :)
The submarine is very pretty :)
Things Done
  • Done with Hud art
  • Decided on font
  • Art for Fish sprite
  • Changed the submarine image a little
  • most of the game logic is ready
To Do:
  • Sprite for human
  • level changing logic
  • Game end logic
  • Menus, Dialog boxes
My luck seems to be running against me.. i go home from work
to get some sounds and stuff working, etc.. but well my internet
connection is down, and my isp wont' answer my calls. Any way
made quite some progress. It's almost complete now. Just the starting
menu left out. I will have to make some decisions about the level 
completing etc. But the basic stuff is done. Hope ill' be able to
get my ISP to repair my connection before end of day today.
PS: im' posting from office.. :(