So. I got SOMETHING. haha

Well, I created a game, start to finish, that has some simple interfaces, and an objective, and something to avoid. It is a complete game. It is somewhat fun and difficult.

I did a majority of the development in the last 48 hours. I was done before the deadline and had a brain freeze about zipping the files into a single upload. I uploaded the script instead, which is identical to the one in the zip, but doesn't include sprites and backgrounds. So please accept the zip.

I worked through a lot of the tutorials by Richard Jones, but also confronted some unique problems to create transitions from scene to scene. I didn't want to create a new set of classes for scenes and instead set flags and used events. It was an effective method, but not super clean. It worked for the simplicity of my program. And I was able to make the structure relatively consistent.

I hope this is enjoyable. My wife had acted as my tester and said I needed a weapon for defense, though I didn't have the time to add it. In the mean time, you are going to have to just run away and hide.

The lesser of two evils certainly does not get to fight back! Run away and hide my friends! Good Luck.