About people interested in GLORY_HOLE


Didn't succes in puting an intro page, we land direct in action.

A display bug at the begining which disappear as soon as you manage to reach "round 1". I think there is sommething at wrong place or a pb with init config (renpy process). Not critical but really annoying.
Fire and big fire when peason unhappy have troubles to be displayed the right way. Use same idea to nobless, aristocraty and clergy.
Use different GFX when our troops are loosing ou wining battles ( bleeding animated GIF ?)

No music

a lot of displayed things not yet implemented

Awful code, adrenaline not good for PEP. Find a renpyer or go to more classic framework. Make it OOP.

TODO : menus and under-nested-menus to ask something to a ministry.
Requests from different casts should pop up by privilege or ermegency order.

One thousand ideas i couldnt do at time.
Their are several way to die, the challenge is to stay alive until finishing high glory requested amount, avoiding revolution, nobless poisoning,
loosing war, being Excommunicate, or natural death before finish Versailles.

Louis XIV detains european record of longevity ruling, and spent his life at war , hunting, culture and garden designing.

Good examples made with renpy :