Time seems to fly

Honestly, the countdown on pyweek’s entry page makes me a little bit nervous - Time seems to fly. But ok, feeling nervous doesn’t make it better.

I worked mainly on a object oriented state machine for hopping through the different game modes (AttractMode, PlayMode, GameOverMode, …). This is not so impressive to someone standing outside looking on the game, so I began to produce some graphics output. At the end of the day I had a nice parallax starfield and a spaceship which can be moved with the cursor keys and shoot by pressing space.

As my concentration decreased I took some time to look into the topic of packaging everything. Took a look into py2exe and the setup.py scripts delivered with the skellington package. Unfortunately, this seems not to be optimal for Python 3. So, after a little bit fiddling around I decided to try out pyinstaller. At the end of the day it seems that I can execute the pyinstaller executable without any error. More time to spend later. Good Night!