End of Day 1

I was half-hoping I'd get some minimal gameplay done by the end of the day, but no such luck. I did start to sketch in the beginnings of the different game states, and there's some crude interaction already.

There are 7 python files, 2 text files (not resource files, design/production documents), and 0 graphic files. So far. I'm working with line graphics to get to the gameplay ASAP. Deciding what the actual graphics should be will wait for later.

Everything's checked in to my local SVN server - a few competitions ago, as I was testing my packaging, I lost a lot of files. Ooops. Back up early, back up often.

The basic gameplay is deliberately simple, as I can't count on having a lot of time to work on it over the course of the week - maybe some polish here or there, but if I can at all get the game working and vaguely "fun" by this time tomorrow, I'll be in good shape.