Got the Flu

Today is Sunday and the challenge started 1:00 am (CET). This time the theme is “The lesser of two evils”. I think this theme can be embedded in many games and genres. Already before the challenge I thought on doing a spaceshooter. As it would be my first game I don’t want to make it too complicated. So, I decided now to implement some kind of retro space shooter using some 16-Bit like sprites.

Unfortunately I got the flu and I had a headache the whole day. There was no power anymore to get into some action, nearly the whole day. But at least I had a nice idea how to implement the theme into the game story.

I will opt now for a classical spaceshooter. The player has only one live. The player has to defend a the lunar space station against different kinds of enemies. Sometimes meteroids, sometimes space pirates, sometimes both. On the player’s spaceship, is only limited ammo, fuel  and limited oxygen, food, and other stuff which is needed to keep alive in space. The player has to be careful about his limited resources when on a patrol above the lunar space station. If ammo is out he cannot shoot anymore on the different enemies. If he has still enough fuel he can land on the station to get the ammo reloaded and fuel refueled. If he cannot manage this within a space fight and is out of ammo and fuel he can only choose the lesser of two evils - the evils are crashing into an enemy and detroy this additional one or flight as long as possible in space getting attacked by enemies or hit by meteroids until hit or oxygen is out.

I am always have a vertical spaceshooter in mind with some background showing a space station and a scrolling starfield. Title could be “Space Patrol on Luna One”.

The lesser of two evils is also known as no-win situation in game-theory. Or it can be also described as loose-loose situation. It doesn’t matter for what you decide you have to eat some frog.