The choices

I discovered the theme this morning. Here I paste what I juste wrote in the entry's presentation:

Written before challenge start: In my last submissions, I tried to innovate with the type of game, but in the end there were not so fun to play. This time I'll for sure (almost) adopt a more traditional gameplay, focusing on the fun-to-play aspect of the game. Another certainty: I will use the same library as the other times : Note: I've put a random name for the entry...

After challenge start: The full title is : The Phantom Racer : rised from the death. This is a racing game with some procedural content and parts, with which you can improve your vessel in order to win the intergalactic championship. You start from a national, noob cup, he you trie to reach the top level. The scenario and the gameplay will (are planned) to be inspired by the theme : "The Lesser of Two Evils".


From a technical point of view, I plan to use a fake 3D engine written in pure python and using cpu for rendering into pygame.

Here is the git:

I have a lot to do, so I go...