Tips and notes

Not a complete game, just something we did put together in the few hours we could reserve for this.
Heroes want to save the Princess, you are the evil monster that wants to block them (him).
Everybody moves randomly in the map.
Heroes tend to go to the right towards the princess.
You (the monster) have to block the heroes before they catch the Princess.
You can click on doors in the map to close them. You can close max 3 doors at the same time, the fourth previous one reopens automatically.
You can click on left/right side of the screen to increase chance of monster moving in that direction (the monster image flips to show where he tends to go).
Pay also attention to do not kill the princess by yourself.

You need kivy installed to run this game from source.
Differently, on windows/wine you can run the windows executable
As third option you can run it on android device (maybe also android emulator, I didn't try) by installing Kivy Launcher app available at
You have to download the source files and unzip them on /storage/emulated/0/kivy folder (if it does not exists just create it).
Pay attention to not "double" folder tree when unzipping, this should be the final outcome:
and not /storage/emulated/0/kivy/PW22_Doors_v3_source\PW22_Doors
If files are properly copied you will see the game listed in the Kivy Launcher app.