*Ping and the turkey's done

After an awesome beer festival I wasn't going to get anything of merit done on this little project yesterday. I just tidied up the display and fixed a bug in speed not resetting after a game over event. So yep, here it is, my first PyWeek entry, I'm looking forward to playing everyone else's games now.

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I had to copy the data folder into the JungleRun folder to get it to work. It seems to look for the module constants in JungleRun/data and the graphics in ./data so you need to copy the folder and not just move it.
Also seems to crash when clicking on some trucks,

Traceback (most recent call last): File "run_game.py", line 4, in JungleRun.__main__.main() File "/Users/paul/Desktop/pyweek/JungleRun/JungleRun/__main__.py", line 14, in main game.run_logic() File "/Users/paul/Desktop/pyweek/JungleRun/JungleRun/game_application.py", line 52, in run_logic next(self.stage) TypeError: instance has no next() method