Hey good lookin'

Graphics have never been my field of expertise, but with most of the functionality of the basic game-play completed I thought it was time for a face-lift. I've gone for a pixely look to the textures that make the trucks stand out a little more and I've adjusted the size of the scanners so that they are wider, which keeps the trucks in range just that little bit longer and means you don't need to build so many. So you can now select a scanning station from the menu at the top and build it, but upgrading needs to be implemented and the stats need to be tweaked. There is a currency system in place but it's not displayed yet, which all means I need to work on the UI elements. I want an info box on the currently selected scanning station too, giving the stats and info. Now I'm playing the game I'm wondering about levels and goals. It's clear this would play nicely on a touch screen device, which makes me think about moving it across to Kivy but I'm not sure how using that library would fair in this competition. Anyway, it's coming along. I know what you're thinking... that looks nothing like a ferry!