Days 1 & 2, done planning, let's do it

Happened to be jamming out to music with my friend trying to call me when the topic was announced. Immediately made a connection. What if instead of Guitar Hero where you play good music, you're playing bad music to keep people out? Day one was lots of very spirited discussions about the feasibility of associating quality of music with Python as well as a way to determine what exactly is bad music. Trello board filled with 4 urgent tasks (mechanics), 3 on the backburner (graphics) and 2 ideas for/if we have time. Day 2: got one mechanic done being the gameplay itself/instrument. Graphics are rough at the moment but will get better. Code is priority right now. Guitar is a work in process. Tomorrow will be full on going hard on the mechanics, and graphics will start seeing a lot more focus. Hopefully get a prototype up and running! Not so bad for 3 guys who've never touched python....? Only time will tell.