Is multi-player...

...worth the effort to you guys??

We were planning it, but it appears that multi-player games havent faired so well in the past, and if no-one really cares, then we'll save ourselves the trouble I think...

By multi-player I mean network, not same computer, multi-player.

So what is your preference,
A: multi-player
B: single-player
C: dont really care

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If you do MP then you have to have a lobby so we can meet up to test it together.
yeah, I know, yet another thing to worry about :/

I figure if we go multi-player it will probably cost us about 1-3 days in the end...
If MP doesn't cost you the game, it's worth it, otherwise, it aint :)
MP would be a right pain, I mean what if you were the only person using it, what if your internet goes dead? Personally I would stay with SP.
Regardless of what kind of multiplayer (networked, PBEM, splitscreen, hotseat) you implement, Richard's got a point - if you don't make it super simple to find other multiplayer players, people will only play single player when judging your game.