Typical final day problems

so, the last day is almost over. I gave it my best shot to get anything fixed and working as good as possible, though somehow it didn't work out as expected, I can't provide working installers for all platforms. Actually, I could only provide tested and working installers for Linux systems, but that won't satisfy my need for completion. Hence I stay with the already uploaded p3d file and as it turned out that might not work on windows because of some mysterious errors I never had before with those kind of files (well, I already imagined windows will make problems, as it always makes problems... can't expect things to instantly work on windows, can you?), I added a packed version of the source code, which was tested and proven to work on windows and instructions for how to run it just in case the p3d file doesn't work. Also make sure to follow the steps and information given in the readme files and in the projects entry description, then everything should run and be as simple as a one click installer, after all it's always just one installation and running a file no matter which way you take. Anyway, if you encounter any errors or if it won't work for you for some reason that I don't know yet, just let me know and I'll try to get it fixed.

Now, all that's left to say is, have fun with the game.

P.S. If I get installers and or the p3d file to correctly work on my windows test systems, I will also make this game available from our website Grimfang-studio.org where you can check for updates if we continue our work on this game after PyWeek has officially ended. Though, that might depend on how many of you like to see it getting improved and grow from it's current state.