Day 1 progress

Alright, time to write our first diary entry :)

I'm doing a few major things differently this time around. This time, I'm working with a friend for this entry. His username is LegoBricker so say hi to him :) Also, we're using Pyglet, which neither of us used before. Inevitably, we've hit a few roadblocks due to not knowing much about the library, but we've managed to get the basics down. There isn't really any actual gameplay, however. So far, we managed to make a ball move around the screen with the arrow keys.

As for our idea, it's a bit silly :p Basically, it's a bullet hell game, but the player doesn't attack the enemies, which appeared due to some sort of catastrophe that we're probably going to figure out as we go along. Instead, the player must mow a percentage of the lawn to beat the level while avoiding bullets.

And that's it for now. We don't have any enemies yet, so we should get that done as well as a million other things...

Edit: forgot to add that our Git repository is here.