A first little drop

This was a successful day 1. Starting early in the morning, we got the skeleton and some basics of our game up and running and now we can head on to the real work. In the coming week we will try to create a game with all the goodies one would expect from a complete game to create a nice experience for you, the players.

"The Little Drop" as we call it, will be an adventure puzzle game about a little forest/water spirit which you get control over. Your mission is to grow new plants after a big fire has burned down most of them. We have a lot of ideas for features for it and we'll try to implement as many of them as possible. To be able to implement many features we will mostly use assets from websites like OpenGameArt.org and the like and concentrate on coding and fitting all the assets we find together.

If all goes well, we might even have a playable prototype by the end of day 5. For anyone who's interested in our development progress, we'll store all the code and assets on our github repository over at https://github.com/grimfang/pyweek21

As a little teaser, here's a screenshot of a current in development scene:

We'll keep you updated on the implemented features and general status of the game as we proceed.

Now all that's left to say is, we wish you all a happy coding week and may you all create great games.