Question about the 24-hour grace-period and a little mistake in my game.

So, as I was just uploading a screenshot for my game (after the cut-off point), and I noticed that the window title of my game said ''. It is supposed to say 'Data Snake', but I forgot to change it after I picked a new game name toward the end of the contest. Can I change the words in the window title bar to the correct phrase during this 24-hour grace period? If not, I guess that it will be OK the way it is. Thanks!

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It's minor and cosmetic so I don't think anyone would make a fuss. Also quick fixes for egregious crashes that invalidate your whole entry are OK too in my book. The only thing I think anyone would take issue with is using the grace period as the 8th day of general development and testing. For example, here's what I fixed in my entry during the first couple hours past the deadline: - fixed a crash that apparently snuck in when I made a last minute fix - removed a tab in the UI that was stubbed out for a feature I never got to - fixed the encoding of my README.txt - deleted some files that weren't being used to reduce the download size
I don't know rules-wise, but, too late, I already downloaded it. You shall be judged severely for your transgression. Hopefully sarcasm.ttf shows up correctly in your browser.