And done!

Yep, it's done! :)

For those that want to know what I did the past 24 hours: First of all, I finished making all the levels. I also wrote a story during the last 6 hours or so. I'm not a good storywriter, and it's really rushed, so it's probably not that great but oh well :p I also realized that I didn't implement pausing, so I did that really quickly.

However, I didn't really properly playtest the last group of levels, so I hope there isn't a mistake in the level files that prevent proper completion of the game. Everything before it can be completed, though. I'll probably speedrun the game to make sure that the game can be completed right after I finish this diary entry. There's also a rare collision detection bug in which the player has a sudden "jump" in position on the screen. It's still lurking around and I've only seen it once, so if it happens to you on a hard level, I'm sorry :(

Anyway, it's uploaded now so you can play it, although you should probably finish writing that readme first :) Also, the game actually has a title so I need to change this entry's details...and I should upload up-to-date screenshots. Let me know in the comments if any issues or severe bugs pop up.