The core game is playable

I could only get started yesterday and the rest of the team is still unspoken for! Anyway the core game idea is now playable. You move around a grid (the hard drive) and can pick up and put down blocks. There are two hazards: a corruption and a virus.

I meant the graphics as placeholders, since they were just clicked together with a trackpad. But I'm getting used to the looks. Maybe it will be good enough.

So now I can test the gameplay. It's not too bad. The difficulty can be easily adjusted by how much I fill up the board. The hazards are meaningful, but I'd like more variety. However the game is still a bit unrewarding. Some effects could improve that, but we also need some gameplay rewards. Something you can pick up and benefit from. Temporary flight maybe? A robotic helper? Will have to think on it.

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Oh, and I'm using Pyglet! I used to use Pyglet all the time, but then it never had a new release that would fix the issues on newer Mac OS X versions. But now there is a fresh new version that works fantastically, is easy to install, is well documented, etc. Looking at the commit history it seems I have Rob van der Most to thank. I'm so happy :).