Day 3 progress

Yet another 24 hours has gone by, there's still a lot left to be done, and I really do feel like I'm falling behind.

Recently, I got new levels to unlock when the player activates data nodes in previous ones, so I'm happy about that. After I submit this diary entry, I'll start implementing keys and their corresponding locked blocks. There's other things I've done but I already forgot the specifics. I guess that's what commit logs are for. By the way, if you have time, the Git repository can be found here.

I made a level select screen in the process as well. The bare minimum that I want is a tutorial world, although it's a relatively low bar to meet. I'll definitely want to add more worlds as well as some sort of story if time permits.

I need to start implementing the portion of the gameplay where the player puts the data fragments together by the middle of Day 4, or else I might not even accomplish the bare minimum in time. I've never implemented dragging-and-dropping stuff before, and that might be a problem. I do have alternative keyboard-only mechanics in mind if I get stuck, although that'll be less satisfying to use in my opinion, but whatever works, right?