Day 2

So this is progress I did today:
Have you seen the screenshot?
It's new program which tells robot to move right if it's on ground and it works.
What took my time today:
WhatHow much
Non PyWeek stuff1 hour
Art and level making2 hours
Improving language5 hours
Improving robot2 hours
Dealing with Mind issues3 hours
Dealing with python re3 hours
Note that I didn't measured time and it's all subjectively
You might thought that I'm changing Mind but I didn't inherit Mind classes, I decided to solve it on other way.
And for Regular Expression, well I tried splitting string by | or & but not by || and answer is: re.split("(?<!\|)[|&](?!\|)", s)
I didn't use re besides that.
Don't deal with languages if you don't know re and if you want to make programming game for PyWeek you better know re unless you have a lot of time