Day 1 progress

It's nice to be participating in PyWeek again after missing the previous two :)

Well 24 hours have passed, and I got the basics down, such as drawing a test level and making the player move with the arrow keys. There's no collision detection yet, though. I was hoping that I could come up with an idea that didn't require me to have level text files since I've done that twice already, but I don't mind designing levels again. I could have implemented some more features by now, but I was rather busy during the first six hours of PyWeek, and since I'm not good with artwork, I spent quite some time browsing through and picking resources.

The general idea of my game is that the player has to obtain data fragments from abandoned computers and piece them together. There's a story behind it, but I'm not sure if I'll actually integrate it with the game or if I'll just dump the whole story in the readme. Time will tell...

Shortly after this post, I'll upload a screenshot :)