Theme chosen! Off we go!

Since pygame has given me so much trouble the last couple pyweeks, and I'm far more familiar with Panda3d anyway, we've decided to use that and go 2.5d this pyweek, and our intention is to use some 2d graphics arranged on a 3d world somehow, with 2d mechanics etc. I'm sure everyone's familiar with such a setup.

We've got 3 ideas to work on, and they all have some common infrastructure so I'm going to be working on that while my genius artist friends work on evolving an organic concept/feeling. I'm really excited by all 3 ideas we've come up with so far, and while they're not all the way fleshed out, we have some extra help this time around to make sure we have an interesting story and atmosphere.

While really this theme was at the bottom for me, I really could have gone for any of them. I love Sherlock Holmes and I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with this week.