Visual studio 2010

I'm trying to get all of the libraries and tools together to get started this evening when the theme is announced, but almost every library I try to install with pip requires visual studio 2010, for which I cannot find a download link for even the express version. Since Microsoft has made the "Community" edition in VS2013 and VS2015, it seems all links to express I find redirect to downloads of those versions. I'd like to use PyOpenGL and i'd like to use vmprof, but both require compilation steps with an out of date compiler. Even if I managed to find a working place to get VS2010 express, any users of the game would need to go through the same hassle to get a working PyOpenGL install on their computer if i were to use it. As we all probably know, the VS install can take hours and I don't want to force that on anyone. What are other people who want to support windows doing? Just using libraries that don't have C extensions?

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The direct install for PyOpenGL worked for me on Windows.
I thought PyOpenGL uses ctypes for binding to the OpenGL libraries. So I thought it is pure Python, no native compilation is required. Am I mistaken? For the final submission you can include the compiled libraries. So even if you used something that required a super complicated build, the users could just use your binaries.
apparently it was only PyOpenGL_accelerate that needed native compilation. I'm not sure what that's for, but the PyOpenGL website had it in their install instructions. Not sure if PyOpenGL depends on it or if it's just additional features for it.