Non-game tools

In my first Pyweek I came to the following conclusion (I think it was at 3am): "PyWeek is 40% design, 40% coding, 40% project management and -20% sleep."

What tools are people using for the 80% design and project management?

I'm using,


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I'm pretending to use Notepad++ for documentation, while I use Notepad!

I'm pretending to use Gimp for visual design, while I use Paint!

I'm pretending to use my brain for project management, while I don't use anything!

I'm pretending to know what software process development is, while I don't!

I'm pretending to use git for version control, while I use it for publishing final version

I'm pretending to solve bugs immediately and don't track them, while I don't solve them but still don't track them!

I'm pretending to test last version myself, while I don't!

I'm pretending to use Knowledge as signature, while that's not my real name

Ah, my first year in college. ^

  • Source Control: Historically our team has used Google Code. Although we're making the jump to GitHub this year since Google Code is getting shut down.
  • Coding: pretty low tech. I use Notepad2. All I want is syntax highlighting and negligible memory/CPU usage.
  • Communication: we have a team IRC channel
  • For organization, bug tracking, design discussions, progress charts, task lists, we throw it all into one big Google Doc, which has worked quite well.