I've created new game library: Mind.

I've published version 0.2.6 today.

And I'm asking could I use that version (on PyWeek of course).

If I can't than I must use version 0.2.4 (0.2.5 doesn't have documentation) which have dependency on tiledtmxloader!

Current version is well documented and is on GitHub.

P.S: How do you like library, do you have any questions, will you use it?

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OK, I think Mind 0.3 will be version for games.
I won't publish 0.3.1 soon so have fun with 0.3!
If you are interested in others using your library, I think it might be helpful to have a higher level overview or tutorial for your library. Especially since the module names are very abstract.
Thanks for advice blakeohare.
I have documentation (and I didn't figured out do you know that) and it has tutorial. It's bad but I can't make it better (maybe I can but it would take a lot of time) so I'm thinking that if someone knows how to make good tutorial (and wants to) he could start making tutorial and for things he didn't figure he could mail me.
In tutorial every module have brief explanation.
Did you mean on tutorial for game (current tutorial is each module tutorial)? I might do that someday.
Anyway it would be best if someone else also write tutorial/s (as I'm not good in explaining).