Wow! I can't believe I actually (kind of) finished in time! I definetly cut it rather short, with just one hour left.

I had to make a few compromises at the end, the code i wrote the last few days were only one ugly hack after the next.

But in the end it was worth it. I definitely learned a lot. As some old, long-dead greek guy said: "I kow some things, but not enough. lol." (paraphrased)

I hope the game will be fun for the players.

I'll upload screenshots and a better description later. Right now I'm working on finding all the sources of the assets I used in the game. That is definitely something I have to remember for the next time: Always save the sources at the same time as the assets. Otherwise it is a lot of work to find them again later.

But all in all I'm very proud of my game. After all, it is the first game I ever finished. Although in the end I couldn't implement a lot of the gameplay ideas I had.